Financial Services

We have developed a range of specific Employee Engagement solutions for the Financial Services sector, that help boost productivity, innovation and talent management.

Employee Recruitment Solution

The Employee Recruitment Solution enables Financial Institutions to attract, engage and successfully recruit the very best talent.

In an environment where the competition for talent is becoming increasingly digital, find out how the Voco platform can help you:

  • Attract the right talent to engage with you
  • Ensure they invest the time to understand why you have a great employee value proposition
  • Remain engaged with you throughout the entire recruitment process

Employee Events Solution

The Employee Events Solution enables companies to support live events or to run virtual events that better align, motivate and support their employees.

When it is increasingly difficult to gain your employees attention, find out how the Voco platform can help you:

  • Inspire your teams to engage by delivering fun, valuable and immersive engagements
  • Enable your employees to connect when it is convenient for them
  • Motivate positive behaviours by rewarding and recognising active participation

Employee Digital Transformation Solution

The Employee Digital Transformation Solution  ensures Financial Institutions can very successfully drive awareness, adoption and advocacy of all things digital amongst their employees.

In a market where there is massive technology upheaval, find out how the Voco platform can help you:

  • Inspire your teams to embrace new digital initiatives
  • Equip individuals with the skills & knowledge required
  • Ensure that the new processes are learnt and adopted throughout the organisation


We have developed a range of specific Customer Engagement solutions for the Financial Services sector to increase acquisition, utilisation, number of products held, retention and overall loyalty.

Credit Card Optimisation Solution

The Credit Card Optimisation Solution ensures that Financial Institutions are able to increase a customer’s interest in and use of their credit card.

When customers have more choice in payment solutions then ever before, find out how the Voco platform can help you make your card the card of choice by:

  • Motivating them to use the card in the moment of purchase
  • Rewarding customers for using the card with offers that are of interest to them
  • Making the card a memorable companion in their pocket by inspiring them with relevant offers

Customer Loyalty Solution

The Customer Loyalty Solution ensures Financial Institutions can keep and grow the younger investor segment. These customers  are highly digitally savvy and are seeking to better engage with their investment portfolio using digital channels.

In an environment where digital is becoming the primary channel for engagement, find out how the Voco platform can help you:

  • Maintain and enhance the interest of younger investors
  • Help them develop the knowledge and skills required to manage their portfolio
  • Build a high level of engagement, trust and loyalty


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