Our unique, proprietary platform, Voco, enables organisations to create, deliver, and optimise interactive stories that motivate strong emotional and valuable connections with their audiences. We do this for many different industry sectors.


The Financial Services sector continues to go through unparalleled change and it is the accelerating pace of technological transformation that is having the most dramatic effect. Today’s digital wave extends from customer experience and operational efficiency to big data and analytics. This digitisation requires all stakeholders, both employees and customers, to be fully engaged and guided along this journey to ensure a successful outcome.


There is intense competition in the online gaming industry, to find innovative ways to attract new customers, on a continous basis. Customers are not only looking for discounts or offers but they are also highly motivated by the experience that is provided. To win the attention of these new customers, organisations need to provide engagements that are fun, rewarding and highly compelling.


The hospitality industry is going through significant change as consumers’ needs and expectations change. An area that is becoming increasingly important is that customers want to be better informed. They want to know about healthy options, food nutrition, number of calories, provenance etc. They are also looking for a great experience; atmosphere, service etc. To deliver on this, organisations need to be better engaged with their customers and to better align with the specific needs of each customer.


The make-up of universities and colleges is changing. There are now more International students, a greater diversity amongst those students and more students coming from disadvantaged backgrounds. This increased diversity is making it more challenging for Universities to ensure that each and every student makes the most of the academic opportunity and what the university can offer. Add into this, other challenges facing students, such as¬†taking irrelevant courses, transferring between institutions, being disengaged from social activities that connect students to the community, and working overtime, and you have a growing situation where student retention and academic success are at increased risk. The reality is that today’s students need better guidance, more relevant information, increased support, and a deeper engagement with the University. Universities need to respond by investing in technology solutions that help students better engage with all aspects of University life.


Retail is transforming with shoppers expecting more from retailers with both their in-store experience as well as when shopping online. New technologies are fuelling this with the increasing digitisation of retail engagement. When shoppers can buy anywhere and at any time, retailers need to build stronger emotional connections, become more memorable and to be able to deliver immersive experiences in the moments that matter.


Publishing and media is changing rapidly, compelled by the introduction of new technologies. Networks are becoming better and faster, and more consumers are accessing media via e-readers, smart phones and tablets. It is critical therefore, that consumers are engaged based on their needs and expectations, through their channel of choice and when it suits them. Loyalty is being tested on a daily basis. It is only those organisations that are able to create emotional connections with their audiences that are able to retain and grow their customer base.

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