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How to retain a rapidly evolving modern workforce

During this session, Adam Henderson from Millenial Mindset shares his insights on the key motivators of modern employees and what businesses can do to dramatically increase employee retention and stay ahead of the competition in the fight for talent.

May 2017


Understand modern employees and how to engage them effectively

Adam Henderson from Millennial Mindset discusses why the old paradigms of working that are still prevalent in many organisations need to be addressed if employees are to feel engaged and employers are to remain relevant for the modern marketplace.

April 2017


How Gaming Venues Are Using The Latest Digital Marketing Technologies

Listen to this workshop and discover how your marketing team can flourish in the competition for gaming revenue. You’ll learn how to put interactive, real-time, digital outreach to work for your gaming venue.

March 2017

You Can Harness The Latest Digital Marketing Technologies

Ron Shulkin, Vice President for North America at 3radical, discusses cutting-edge digital marketing technologies and how marketers are using them to to attract and engage consumers, with great success.

February 2017


How to successfully recruit and onboard modern employees

Adam Henderson of Millennial Mindset and Mike Talbot of 3radical address this increasingly important topic. Watch this short webinar recording here.

January 2017


The Top 5 Consumer Engagement Best Practices

Join Ron Shulkin from 3radical to learn how powerful technologies make it easy for marketing business users to create interactive journeys without the aid of IT personnel. And how these powerful engagement platforms easily integrate with marketing databases and serve to enhance rather than replace existing marketing technologies in place.

November 2016


Six Innovative Techniques to Create An Emotional Connection and Increase Brand Acquisition & Sales

3radical and Plus Two team up to bring you ‘Six Innovative Techniques’ that are helping Marketers to achieve a 3x increase in Consumer interactions and a positive impact on sales.

During this 45 minute session you will discover how organisations like Zizzi, Dell and Mitchells & Butlers have developed a unique brand personality that establishes an emotional connection with Consumers, to deliver exceptional Acquisition and Activation results.

November 2016


The Top 3 Employee Engagement Best Practices

Ron Shulkin, Vice President for North America at 3radical, and Speaker on Collaborative Engagement brings you today’s Top 3 Proven Employee Engagement Best Practices.

He shows how today’s State-of-the-Art, Real-Time, Interactive Technology, designed for the demanding world of Consumer Engagement, is being used for Best Practice Employee Engagement… with spectacular results.

October 2016


Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Mobile Gamification

Rusty Warner of Forrester Research and Mike Talbot of 3radical present on how Brands can leapfrog the competition through responding to consumer trends in mobile, fun and rewards.

January 2015.


Learn how gamification works for brands like Dell in Singapore

Daniel Chia, Marketing Communications Manager for Dell and Chris Tew, EVP for 3radical, present a webinar on how gamification works to drive consumer engagement.

August 2014.


How Singapore consumers want to be engaged by Brands – Survey Results

A webinar on the results of our recent consumer survey in Singapore – exploring how Singapore consumers want to be engaged by Brands, and how mobile gamification fits into that.

April 2014.


How to use mobile gamification to drive footfall, social sharing and ultimately purchase.

This webinar explores how gamification can be used to drive footfall, social sharing and ultimately purchase.

February 2014.