Engagement Drivers


The second element in transforming employee engagement within an organisation is adopting the Employee Engagement Drivers of Reward, Fun and Recognition, that will help drive new behaviours and increase motivation. These Engagement drivers can be broken down into Interactive Mechanics and Motivational Rewards.

Interactive mechanics that increase Employee Engagement

These focus on providing rewards to encourage desired behaviours. Rewards can be given for consuming content, completing surveys, achieving targets, sharing content and engaging in competitions.

Motivational rewards that increase Employee Engagement

These rewards focus on providing that all important feedback loop and recognition for when the interactive mechanics are undertaken. These rewards can take the form of  virtual points, badges, financial prizes, access to secret games and new internal qualifications.

Engagement drivers that are rooted in rewards, fun and recognition are vital for Employee Engagement that will dramatically improve your business results, which is why they are an integral part of 3radcial’s Employee Engagement Platform.

The final step in mastering Employee Engagement is by developing Employee Journeys.

Understand Employee Journeys