Team Building & Motivation Solution

03: Team Building & Motivation

Team building is key – especially in disparate organisations – to enabling, guiding, connecting and developing employees. Providing incentives and rewards can also be a motivating factor.

Where team building events are organised to bring together team members, how do you ensure that individuals engage effectively, how do you prepare for team building sessions, and how do you follow on after for maximum benefit?

With 3radical Voco it is possible to build interactive experiences before, during and after the event to make it really work.

Before the event:

Individuals can be “enrolled” in a custom journey associated with a team building event, where they engage with content via digital channels including on their mobile devices in advance of the event to:

During the event:

After the event:

It may not be possible to bring everyone together at one time at a physical event, and 3radical’s Employee Engagement Platform can deliver “virtual conferences” just as easily.  Here all of the activities above apply except all the content is delivered through the 3radical Employee Engagement platform, which for example could be daily over the course of a week.  Individuals consume the content in the form of videos, documents, podcasts, or other media in their own time and answer questions and share feedback with management and colleagues.  Content is delivered based on the individuals progress and can be tailored, and the leaderboard encourages high participation levels.

To see the this in action, see our short video here on the DBS Virtual Conference, which was delivered using 3radical’s Employee Engagement Platform, or contact us by clicking below to see how we can help you build even stronger teams.

Employee & Team Motivation

Some groups benefit from incentives which may be associated with training and development programs or simple for meeting and exceeding goals.

The 3radical platform enables many forms of incentives to be incorporated into a journey, whether that be:

Rewards and incentives can be delivered on an individual or team basis, and can be used as part of a one off activity or an ongoing programme. To find out how 3radical’s platform can help you, please contact us.

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