Role Change Solution


05: Role Change

Changing roles can be very daunting and stressful for many employees and can be hugely disruptive for employers too if it is not managed effectively. The issue is that there are many moving parts with lots of information to share, lots of processes to manage, human behaviour to consider and needing to hand over work effectively.

3radical’s Role Change Module helps organisations easily manage all of these moving parts by providing an online virtual platform that can collate all information, seed content to the right stakeholders at the right time and reward employee based on desired behaviours and reaching certain milestones.

A journey can be created for multiple employees to inform them of all the things they need to know about their new role, sharing information between colleagues, setting milestones to handover previous work and even arrange meetings between employees and their new line managers. This ensures the change in role is efficient and effective, causing minimal disruption to the organisation while reducing any employee stress.

Managing Career progression

As well as helping manage a role change once decided, 3radical’s Role Change module also enables organisations to understand the career aspirations of their employees. 3radical’s interactive element means employees have an easy way to express their preferred next role and employers can easily share new roles that are coming up and seed them to the employees who have already expressed an interest.

By understanding what career aspirations employees have coupled with an easy way to manage role change, means 3radical’s Role Change Module is a powerful tool in ensuring you keep and promote your best employees and achieve greater business results. To understand how this can work for you, please contact us on the link below.

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