Induction & On-Boarding Solution

02: Induction & On-Boarding

The induction phase of the employee journey is critical, and involves all of the employee engagement drivers. Continuing from the recruitment phase, the team member must be enabled with the information and tools they need to be effective and efficient. They must be guided in line with the organisation’s culture and they need to learn how to connect with the organisation and other colleagues, as well as becoming aware of best practices and other skills required for their new role.

3radical’s Employee Induction solution helps by allowing organisations to deliver real time, interactive experiences tailored to the individual across multiple digital channels. A key feature of the Induction solution is progress – where each new employee can be “enrolled” on a progress journey that involves them following a tailored set of activities where they are recognised and rewarded as they go.

Guiding employees through a progress journey

When new employees login to their 3radical interactive experience via their organisation’s intranet or app, they are guided through their individual progress journey. Reminders are sent by push notification or email to complete each stage as appropriate.

For example, a typical induction journey may involve:

Points and other incentives can be awarded and a live leaderboard can be created with co-hort groups to drive further motivation to engage.

Progress can be sequential through the activities, with new content being unlocked and delivered based on the activities to date.  Content can also be unlocked in phases based on time, or triggered during face to face sessions with managers or colleagues. To find out how 3radical’s Induction solution can help transform your employee on-boarding process, please contact us by clicking below.

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