Development & Feedback Solution

04: Development & Feedback

Ensuring your employees keep learning and achieve their full potential will not only increase their own motivation and lead to higher levels of retention, it also results in a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors who fail to invest in their teams.

Feedback is also critical, to ensure that you understand how your team are feeling, and their level of engagement, so you can respond and take action.


Investing in training and development is one thing, but ensuring this training is delivered effectively, efficiently and provides real value for all stakeholders is equally important and an area where a lot of training falls down. Sitting in a classroom with a one way dialogue from a trainer to a trainee for a few days is not enough for real progress to be made in developing your employees to achieve their full potential.

A learning and development companion

This is where 3radical’s Development solution can help. It is a full learning and development companion where journeys are created before, during and after courses to ensure employees have all the information and support they need.

Employees can pursue their learning and development journey at their own pace by engaging with a series of content when and how they want. This content can include training videos, interactive games with learning milestones, quizzes to test their new knowledge, reading materials, emotional intelligence tests, chat rooms and much more.

The 3radical Employee Engagement Platform allows employees, managers and trainers to interact with each other in real-time and also prompts employees to achieve certain milestones by key dates e.g. the start of a physical course.

The platform then facilities employee’s development journey after any courses by sending them course materials, testing them on what was learnt and providing a forum to ask questions and clarify things.

Above all, the 3radical Employee Engagement platform allows you to deliver all of this with ease through the use of easy to edit templates and processes to ensure your employee’s development journey is as effective and efficient as possible.


Traditional annual employee surveys are seeing reducing participation rates and don’t give you organisation the up to date information you need to respond and take action.

The 3radical solution makes providing feedback quick, and fun for the employee, making it more up to date, comprehensive and relevant.

From a simple “swipe” on their phone to report how a team member is feeling each dat or week to fun, interactive quizzes and surveys to get more in depth feedback, the 3radical platform has a range of configurable built in templates to deliver what the business needs.

Incentives for participation and immediate feedback can be built in where appropriate.

The rich analytics capability in the 3radical solution delivers key insights and enables interventions such as specific online training or coaching, or scheduled meetings with managers to follow up, to be planned and delivered to individuals or groups based on their response, automatically.

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