Consumers are getting increasingly mobile, and we love the idea of exceeding their expectations with this wonderful combination of gaming, retail, and mobile.  Rewards and gifts are no longer virtual. They become real for EpiCentre’s customers and the players. It’s mobile gamification meets retail marketing.

Our partnership with radicalRealms is very successful and we are continuing to innovate new offers and incentives alongside radicalRealms to reward our customers.

Jimmy Fong, CEO


Gong Cha

Gong Cha launched a new drink, the “Radical Drink” during the Radical Weekend – our Gong Cha Milk Cranberry drink – and we saw several hundred sales of this drink alone driven by offers through radicalRealms!  We have continued this successful promotion through end July, and are now in discussions of introducing new promotions alongside radicalRealms.

Audrey Chua, Senior Marketing Executive



The Radical Weekend was successful in bringing new shoppers into the mall as well as extending existing shoppers’ visits to discover more of our great retailers.  We saw increased footfall around participating retailers in the Mall – all of whom were part of an integrated experience for shoppers using radicalRealms.

Mobile games are incredibly popular in Singapore, and they help retailers reach a segment of consumers which more traditional channels are less relevant.  These consumers have real spending power but are savvy and looking for a real value exchange with brands.  radicalRealms enables  retailers to deeply integrate messages and offers for specific consumers, and rewarding them in the game to help them win prizes as well as in the Mall.  This link is critical to delivering the next phase of combining games with retail.

Cheryl Goh, General Manager, 313@Somerset