Mobile First Engagement

Voco for Mobile App Engagement

Today’s customers primarily connect to the world via their mobile devices. Smartphones act as personal hubs allowing us to organise our lives, to connect with friends and colleague via social networks, to research and purchase products and services and to share our experiences – both good and bad – through mediums as diverse of words, pictures and video.

Voco 14


Recognising this 3radical has designed the Voco platform to support a ‘mobile first’ approach. Voco enables marketers to create gamified iOS and Android apps with minimal effort. Apps can be deployed in a matter of days as opposed to weeks or months without requiring the technical resources or expense often associated with custom app development.

Voco 15


Despite Voco’s ability to simplify this process, the resulting apps deliver unprecedented levels of engagement. This is thanks to the platform’s ability to deliver personalised challenges and rewards via the app channel.

Rewarding consumers for engagement in this way has dramatic results, as Dell Singapore have found out.

Creating an ‘out-of-the-box’ gamified app, known as Dell ‘Engage’, they have been able to generate over half a million impressions of peer shared content, touching nearly 20% of Singapore’s population.

Voco can be used to layer gamification into existing apps enabling brands to reconnect with consumers and encourage them to interact with new offers and content. This approach has been successfully used by DBS Bank who have recently used the 3radical platform to re-invigorate their ‘Lifestyle’ rewards app.

Voco 17


Powered by Voco, the ‘Lifestyle’ app promotes thousands of personalised and gamified offers to DBS credit card customers based on their location and other attributes. Since implementation month-on-month app engagement rates and offer redemption rates have risen dramatically.

Voco 18


Voco for Multi-Channel Consumer Engagement

Although 3radical leads with mobile, we appreciate that the path to engagement and purchase often involves multiple channels. Marketers still want to leverage email and above the line activities to drive initial awareness. Consumers will continue to browse products on desktop and mobile websites and have also come to expect offers to be promoted to them on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels.

More importantly, consumers increasingly expect brands to be able to orchestrate conversations across channels to deliver engagement that is consistent, coherent and highly personalised. Fortunately the 3radical Voco platform is also able help organisations to manage this multi-channel conundrum. Take the following journey as an example…

To begin with marketers are able to use Voco to distribute compelling email creatives, such as the one below, designed to encourage users to download a company’s mobile engagement app.

Voco 19


Once downloaded Voco can be used to send personalised offers and challenges via the app channel, for example to persuade consumers to play one of the games from 3radical’s library.

Voco 21


These games, which can be branded by marketers in minutes, can also be deployed to mobile websites with the 3radical platform also driving personalised offers to this channel. Consumers are able to click through the gamified offers that are displayed which may take them to view content on a desktop or mobile website or by launching a browser from within the mobile app.

From here marketers have the ability to continue to influence the customer journey. Click-through actions can be used by Voco to trigger further messages, such as a limited time discount offer, that can be displayed as the consumer lands on the mobile website.

Voco 22


Alternatively marketers may use the Voco platform to configure SMS, mobile push or in-app messages to be sent to consumers when they are near to certain locations, with the Voco platform allowing marketers to use a range of options, including iBeacons, GPS and the scanning of codes located within outlets, to determine location.

Voco 23


Such location triggered messages can be used to encourage consumers to enter a particular location and engage with products. For example, consumers may be challenged to hunt out and scan a particular product, which may in turn unlock entry to a ‘money can’t buy’ prize competition.

Voco 24


After consumers have purchased the Voco platform can be used to move the conversation to social channels by incentivising consumers to take and share a picture of their purchases on Facebook. This generates further brand awareness among followers leading to peer-led referrals.

Voco 25


Whilst on Facebook consumers can also be incentivised to engage further, potentially by completing a quiz or survey that asks consumers to score the interactions they have had with the brand during the purchasing cycle, as well as unearthing their interests and future purchase intentions.

Using Voco’s powerful in-built analytics capabilities this insight, along with data from across the customer journey, can be immediately used to re-target consumers and optimise subsequent communications, as well as creating reports to monitor on-going engagement and understand the relative effectiveness of each channel.