Marketers Portal

3radical’s Voco platform includes a powerful campaign management and analytics environment that is incredibly easy to use.

All gamified interactions with consumers are created within the platform’s powerful yet intuitive graphical interface, known as the Marketer’s Portal. The Marketer’s Portal provides access to over 15 different engagement techniques, or ‘tactics’ that can be used to drive engagement.

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Individual tactics can be combined to move consumers along the customer lifecycle from generating initial awareness, through incentivising and rewarding consumers during ‘research and selection’, to converting consumers into paying customers and building long-term, mutually rewarding relationships that drive brand advocacy and peer referrals.

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Each gamified interaction defined within the Marketer’s Portal can be presented to all consumers or only a specific target audience, with users being able to create target segments using any available customer data, ranging from Facebook profile data, past transactional and loyalty scheme information or the audit trail of previous interactions with challenges issued by the Voco platform.

Once challenges have been created, Voco provides a range of features for monitoring subsequent engagement and enabling campaigns to be adjusted on-the-fly.

Marketer’s Portal – configuring ‘tactics’

To create a new consumer interaction or ‘tactic’ marketers simply select the technique they wish to use, the text and imagery to be used to promote the offer (stored and automatically resized for different devices by Voco) and any audience rules or conditions that trigger the challenge to be displayed, defined using the platform’s ‘Audience Builder’ feature.

Techniques that can be used to challenges consumers include:

In each case, users have the ability to determine how long a challenge should remain live with the platform also incorporating workflow capabilities that allow marketers to publish, unpublish and adjust challenges on demand, in a controlled and fully audited way.

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Challenges can be scheduled to be delivered at specific moments in time or triggered by consumer behaviour and location, the latter driven by GPS, iBeacons or by requiring consumers to scan a code. Marketers are also able to send push notifications to create further awareness of new challenges, with options to trigger these notifications based on behaviour, location or according to a pre-determined schedule.

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All interactions with offer and challenges issued by the Voco platform are automatically captured enabling marketers to easily identify which challenges are proving most successful. This information can be used to trigger more targeted follow-up communications and can be fed back into any central customer database to provide vital customer insight and improve other forms of consumer engagement.

Thanks to the extensible nature of the platform clients are also able create their own custom tactics and integrate Voco to work with 3rd Party applications, such as CRM systems and marketing automation/digital marketing platforms, with the platform containing an Integrated Development Environment to make code changes.

Marketer’s Portal – driving engagement with ‘Stories’

One of the most powerful features of the Voco platform is the ability to reward consumers for their engagement by providing symbolic and real world rewards. Within Voco the process of defining rewards is managed by creating ‘Stories’.

Voco 8


Each ‘Story’ graphically illustrates the rewards that a consumer unlocks by completing a challenge, with marketers being able to apply limits to the number of times each reward can be unlocked as well as any required interval between awards.

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Alongside rewarding consumers with virtual points and badges, the Voco platform can be used to define real world rewards, such as competition entries and discount vouchers. In both cases, the Voco platform enables marketers to define and distribute the associated competition/discount voucher deliverables as well as managing the process of voucher redemption.

Marketer’s Portal – creating ongoing relationships with ‘Unlockables’ and ‘Campaigns’

The completion of specific challenges issued by the Voco platform can also be used as a gateway to unlock further content and offers. Through a feature known as ‘Unlockables’ users of the Voco platform are able to construct complex challenges that require consumers to complete multiple tasks to unlock more valuable rewards.

Voco 10

This feature enables brands to create challenges such as ‘Treasure Hunts’ that require consumers to complete a number of tasks, such as visiting multiple locations, taking and sharing photos at each location, then answering a final quiz to enter competition for a ‘money can’t buy’ prize.

The same mechanism can be used in an online to create ‘X-Factor’ style knock out competitions where consumers must view and share multiple items of content and answer questions about the brand or service before unlocking certain rewards.

Marketers can also link multiple ‘Stories’ together to create longitudinal ‘Campaigns’ that guide consumers through multiple phases of a larger customer journey.

Unlike many traditional campaign management technologies that rigidly enforce how consumers must flow through a campaign, ‘Campaigns’ created within Voco are a group of loosely coupled rules. This enables marketers to create campaigns that allow consumers to dip in and out and receive challenges and offers that alter over time in a way that accurately reflects how today’s customers engage with brands.

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However, as with traditional campaigns, marketers are able to define the metrics and associated goals to monitor campaign progression and track the success of each campaign phase, the results of which can be displayed as customisable dashboard reports.

Voco 12

Marketer’s Portal – real time action, insight and reporting

3radical understands how important it is for today’s marketers to be able to track the effectiveness and return on their marketing activities. That’s why the 3radical platform has been designed from the ground up to capture customer data at every available opportunity and make that data available to help marketers make better decisions.

By leveraging innovative ‘big data’ technologies under the bonnet the 3radical platform is able to track all consumer interactions in real time. In turn brands can use this insight to immediately trigger follow up actions while consumers are remain ‘in the moment’ – while they are browsing your services online, while they are engaging with your products in store or when they have just entered or left one of your locations.

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Just as importantly, this customer insight data is available immediately for reporting purposes, enabling marketers to understand which offers consumers are engaging with right now and which may need to be adjusted to optimise on-going engagement.

From within the user interface marketers are able to review the number of consumers that have viewed and completed each challenge as well as create custom metrics and associated dashboard reports to track the number of consumers that have completed any combination of activities.

Alternatively, if you have a preferred analytics tool of choice, such as Tableau, you can simply connect to the data directly and begin analysing.