The Solution

In order to cut through the noise of traditional marketing and deliver what today’s consumers really want – fun and rewarding brand interactions – 3radical have developed the ‘Voco’ platform.

Leading with mobile first, the Voco platform can be used to also design and deploy gamified engagement across social, web, email and other channels.



By leveraging gamification marketers are able to make every brand interaction a fun, challenging and rewarding experience – a combination that has been proven to deliver consumer engagement rates 10x  higher than traditional marketing techniques.

3radical’s ‘Voco’ solution enables brands to issue challenges and offers to consumers that encourage them to:


In return, marketers are able to reward end users by using a combination of real world rewards, including discount vouchers and competition entries, as well as a symbolic items, such as badges, points, statuses and game level-ups.

By using this mix of rewards tied to gamified challenges marketers are able to continuously move consumers forward by generating levels of engagement that other traditional marketing solutions are unable to match.

What’s more gamification can be used in a wide variety of contexts and to address virtually any business challenge.

Voco 2


Perhaps you are a brand looking to drive footfall into physical stores? If so, the 3radical platform can be used to encourage and reward consumers for visiting particular locations or stores. Consumers can be challenged to visit certain outlets where they must scan QR codes or respond to messages triggered by iBeacons to obtain personalised offers and rewards.

Alternatively, you may be a brand looking to train your workforce about new products and services? Again, 3radical can help by allowing brands to tap into gamified tools such as multimedia quizzes that can be used to distribute information and test uptake in a fun and engaging way that makes learning enjoyable and rewarding.

Or maybe you are a brand with a large social media following that you need to engage with more effectively and ultimately monetise? Again, 3radical has the answer, our platform enabling brands to issue challenges and leverage rewards, such as competitions, that incentivise fans to move from being effectively unknown followers to marketable prospects.