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Move beyond loyalty, leverage location and drive cross-sell

The Travel & Leisure sector has traditionally warmly embraced implementing loyalty schemes but many companies now report that overall levels of engagement are falling.

Recent surveys have shown only 16% of executives believe they have ‘very effective’ loyalty programmes and that 54% of consumers are unhappy with the reward options offered by their favourite brands.

Re-invigorating Loyalty

3radical’s mobile engagement platform can help  re-invigorate your loyalty programme by turning consumers’ interactions into fun and rewarding experiences.

By leveraging our wide array of gamification techniques and symbolic rewards, such as badges and leader-boards, 3radical can help your brand move away from using purely financial incentives at the same time as extending the range of activities that consumers can be rewarded for completing.

Leveraging Location

Today’s travellers are increasingly making more decisions on the move as mobile interaction moves beyond ‘Search’ to be replaced by ‘Search and Purchase’.

By utilising GPS and iBeacons the 3radical platform enables your brand to leverage location to send relevant and engaging messages to ‘on the go’ consumers. With opportunities ranging from sending tax-free shopping suggestions to delivering gamified recommendations to consumers in restaurants, hotels and other leisure locations, there has never been a better time to use mobile engagement to cut through the noise of increasingly ineffective traditional marketing techniques.

Driving Cross-Sell

As competition for consumers heats up many brands are turning to ancillary products and services to help drive revenue, with some airlines generating as much as 20% from add-on sales.

3radical’s intuitive and flexible mobile engagement platform can help your brand drive incremental revenue by designing data-driven and gamified offers that are appropriate to each customer’s location and context.

Using the platform digital marketers are able to identify which segments are engaging with which types of communications and leverage this insight to drive sales of associated products and services.

With powerful reporting capabilities your brand will quickly be able to see which offers are driving the most engagement and are having a direct impact on the bottom line.

Find Out More

These are just a few of the ways 3radical’s Voco platform can help brands engage with today’s consumers in the travel and leisure space. To discuss how we can solve your challenges simply contact us and we’ll get back to you!