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Move over traditional loyalty – retailers need a new way to engage

Over two-thirds of consumers are not satisfied with current loyalty programmes. Loyalty programmes do not deliver loyalty – they enable the accumulation of points and miles, allowing brands to buy something that looks like loyalty. Constant discounting is also not the answer; it simply erodes the bottom line. So if discounting and traditional loyalty can no longer be relied upon, how else can retail brands build meaningful relationships with today’s fickle consumers?

Generating Authentic Customer Engagement

For 3radical the key to success lies in enabling brands to create genuinely rewarding interactions with consumers, interactions than span the entire customer lifecycle, not just point of purchase.

Through an array of innovative gamified engagement techniques our technology allows marketers to encourage and reward consumers for engagement at each stage of the customer journey, from initial research – both on and offline – through consideration, selection and purchase to on-going usage and advocacy.

Maximising Mobile Moments

Mobile moments are points in time when consumers instinctively reach for their mobile devices to obtain information or purchase product and services. Immediacy and context are key.

Marketers that can leverage what they know about consumers and where they are in their customer journeys can deliver mobile moments that provide value and build trust – two key pillars of genuine loyalty.

3radical’s Voco solution enables marketers to do just that. The platform’s intuitive user interface, backed by Voco’s real-time engagement engine, enables marketers to leverage customer and contextual data to design and deliver personalised mobile moments that are engaging, rewarding and, most of all, relevant to each consumer, at any given point in time.

In turn this has a dramatic impact on customer behaviour – 75% of consumers state they will switch to a competitor if they can deliver targeted promotions to their smartphones while shopping and 89% of consumers say a great customer experience is key to driving brand loyalty.

Delivering a Full Omni-Channel Experience

Increasingly shoppers are browsing offline but using their mobile devices to ‘showroom’ and purchase online. Retailers recognise this and realise they must need embrace all channels to be successful but many struggle to deliver a compelling mobile experience and, even more, one that is aligned with marketing activities on other channels.

Fortunately the 3radical platform allows marketers to co-ordinate and drive positive outcomes both online and offline, as well as providing users with a range of other mobile and social marketing techniques that can be used to cut through the noise generated by traditional marketing.

Keen to Know More?

So if your brand would like to learn more about delivering personalised mobile moments or how to surprise and delight customers for their engagement both online and offline simply contact us and we will be in touch!