Buy to Feel Good


Psychologists tell us there is a tipping point that consumers reach when deciding about a purchase.

Using their logical side they can learn about the features of your products and services, research the alternatives, and try out your brand to inform their decision.

But at the tipping point, the consumer’s emotions drive the final decision


So in the purchase stage of the customer cycle, you should appeal to consumers’ emotional-side.

Show them that buying your brand feels good.


Engaging Campaigns


Traditional campaigns do not hold consumers’ attention long enough to engage them. There is no emotional connection. No influencing their emotions.

  1. Value exchange
  2. Game theory
  3. Software for marketers

A true value exchange between brand and consumer means

Game theory teaches us the most effective way to engage people is to challenge them to complete a task and offer an incentive to complete it.Challenge Consumers to

  • Answer quizzes
  • Visit stores
  • Buy now


Incentivize Consumers with

  • Instant promotions
  • Points to earn rewards
  • Special Offers

Make Buying Easy


Consumers enjoy unprecedented access to the information, entertainment, and social contacts they want at any time of day, everywhere they go.

Brands that have embraced mobile marketing are enjoying

91% adults keep their smartphones with arm’s

Source: Morgan Stanley

90% of mobile searches lead to action. 50% lead to sales
Source: SearchEngineLand

50% of smartphone users have made a purchase via their phone
Source: Prosper Mobile Insights


Studies have shown that consumers are far more likely to redeem an offer if they have earned it than just been given it.

So when Zizzi wanted a campaign to bring customers back into their Italian restaurants, we put together an online scratchcard where people had to “work” to earn a prize, but it was really easy to claim prizes.

By using their finger or mouse to “scratch” they could reveal prizes like a bottle of wine. This made the offer seem more special.

To make the whole process as frictionless as possible, they only needed to enter their email address to receive a reward voucher they could show in the restaurant.

As expected this proved to be very easy with smartphone, creating an engaging campaign where they were encouraged to play multiple times to raise money for charity and to gain entries for a major prize draw.


Buy Now


The final barrier to overcome is time. Consumers are busy and can endlessly postpone making a buying decision.

Give them a reason to buy now. They want your brand, it is easy to buy. This last nudge should tip the balance and make them buy.

For this you need the most precisely targeted campaign possible. You want to reach the customer wherever they are, at exactly the right time and right place.

Mobile phones make this possible. Consumers always carry them and are highly responsive to targeted message. And the phone detects location, so you know where they are.

Mobile coupons receive 10x higher redemption rates than print coupons
Source: GoMobileBook

Customers sign-up for reminders if within ½ mile of a store.
65% made a purchase as result of a


10x Response Rate

DBS, the largest bank in SE Asia, ran a loyalty scheme where customers received promotional offers to use the bank’s credit card at participating merchants.

The marketing team wanted a higher uptake and worked with us to make their campaigns more engaging. Using Voco we made the campaigns much more targeted and relevant.

Consumers received the right offer, at the right time, in the right place. For instance, if they were near a restaurant at dinner time, they received a push notification offering them a free drink.

The offer had not changed, but by knowing the time and their proximity, it became more relevant. Like an impulse purchase, it prompted them to visit a new restaurant right then.

The results were dramatic. The new campaigns got response rates of 70-84% (10x higher than industry benchmarks) and redemption rates soared by +110%.

Sales uplift over Christmas period alone covered the cost of the 3radical platform


How Does it Work?

Voco software allows marketers to build and control data-driven marketing campaigns that can be interactive, personalized, and engaging.

Marketers need to refine their campaign based on results, being able to quickly make changes without having to wait for IT.

For the best results, we recommend working on the first project together. By combining Voco software, our extensive experience building “challenge and reward” marketing programmes, and your knowledge of the market:

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