Value Exchange

Marketing campaigns are based on a promise. Consumers give you their time and attention and in return they receive something of value.

As most marketing has not lived up to its side of the bargain, consumers have stopped trusting marketing promises.

So when you do get consumers’ attention, seize the opportunity to stand out from everyone else. Give them something worthwhile. Something useful and fun.

How do you keep their attention, how can you ensure they are going to think of your brand when they are ready to buy? You can

Or, there is a new positive way based on a true value exchange between brand and consumer

Make Your Campaigns Engaging

Design challenges and incentives that keep delivering value for consumers.

Challenge Consumers to

  • Research your brand
  • Answer quizzes
  • Visit outlets
  • Try your product or service


Incentivize Consumers with

  • Virtual badges
  • Entries into prize draws
  • Unlocking features
  • Competitions with leader boards

Keeping Your Brand in Mind


Gamification helps campaigns sustain interest over time. One way to achieve this is to deliberately intersperse quick challenges with ones that require more time.

Get them to perform a fun task every day or visit a location to progress. This way your marketing messages can be delivered gradually and in a positive context.

By keeping your brand in mind over a period of time, the consumer will naturally turn to your brand when they are ready to buy.


Every year the Parkway Parade mall holds a popular Christmas show in the main atrium that brings in lots of visitors, which helps the stores near the atrium.

3radical helped them build on that success and encourage visitors to explore the rest of the mall by creating a treasure hunt campaign. Shoppers saw the treasure hunt promoted in the atrium and downloaded it to their phones.

The two parts of the campaign supported each other

  • A fun mobile app that needed virtual coins to level up
  • A treasure hunt where shoppers needed to find QR codes in different stores to earn coins


The Parkway Parade marketing team could see clear patterns emerging from the data, including

  • Which incentives were most effective for different shopper segments
  • When was the best time to prompt them with a challenge

By carefully timing challenges and changing featured stores, it was possible to keep shoppers coming back several times during the pre-Christmas period – increasing revenue across the entire mall.


Timing when to Nudge the Trigger


Traditional marketing channels broadcast a consistent message to a broad audience. At 3radical we have repeatedly seen greater success by developing interactive campaigns that react to what the consumer wants.

Consumers explicitly tell us what they are interested in by answering questions. And we can build up a profile based on how, when, and where they use the mobile

By building up profiles for consumer segments, we can deliver relevant, timely messages for when they are ready to pull the purchasing trigger.

Relevant timely messages increased responses by 110%
Source: DBS bank


Dell had a well-known brand, but realized that many young adults were not considering Dell when they went to buy a high-end computer.

Working with Dell, we customized a mobile football game from our library into a fun competitive campaign during the football World Cup.

  • Players’ scores were shown on a leader board with leaders winning prizes.
  • Players could earn enhancements for the game by watching Dell content online and sharing photos on Facebook with the new computers.


The positive combination of winning, experiencing the new computer range, and sharing with their friends gave them a “nudge”. They saw Dell in a new light with the Alienware range becoming a desirable, aspirational brand.

Dell generated awareness for the new Alienware range and nudged thousands of potential customers to consider Dell when they are ready to pull the purchasing trigger.

By carefully timing challenges and changing featured stores, it was possible to keep shoppers coming back several times during the pre-Christmas period – increasing revenue across the entire mall.


96% of smartphone users research products on their phones
Source: 3radical survey

Enjoying the Experience


We only absorb limited information by passively reading, listening, and watching. It can be dull and far from convincing.

On the other hand, experiencing your products, trying them out, touching them, literally adds a whole new dimension.

As consumers switch into an active mode, they become more receptive. So your brand can make a bigger impact as they enjoy the experience.

Include campaigns that bring consumers to physically touch and interact with your brand. So they enjoy the experience.

Retail Example

The 3Radical solution was successful in bringing new shoppers and extending shoppers’ visits to discover more of our stores. We saw increased footfall and reached a segment of consumers that traditional channels find hard to reach. These consumers have real spending power but are savvy and looking for a real value exchange with brands.

3radical enables retailers to deeply integrate messages and offers for specific consumers.
Cheryl Goh, General Manager, 313@Somerset


How Does it Work?

Voco software allows marketers to build and control data-driven marketing campaigns that can be interactive, personalized, and engaging.

Marketers need to refine their campaign based on results, being able to quickly make changes without having to wait for IT.

For the best results, we recommend working on the first project together. By combining Voco software, our extensive experience building “challenge and reward” marketing programmes, and your knowledge of the market:

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