How can You get Consumers’ Attention?

Consumers have learned to ignore marketing.
Among all the noise in saturated marketing channels your traditional awareness campaigns are becoming ineffective.

So how can you find new customers and get them to interact with you? You can

Or, there is a new option. An option based on a true value exchange between brand and consumer


Engaging Awareness Campaigns


Stand out from the crowd. Instead of consumers just passively browsing your material, your campaigns should be an interactive, engaging experience.

When your competitors are dropping prices and yelling louder, head in the opposite direction.

Entice them, intrigue them, pique their interest – above all make them do something to earn what you are offering. They have fun doing it and feel rewarded – you cut through the noise. It may seem counterintuitive to make consumers jump through hoops – but it works.

Design Challenges and Incentives to make Campaigns Engaging

Challenge Consumers to

  • Find information
  • Visit stores
  • Play branded games
  • Share content with friends


Incentivize Consumers with

  • Entries into prize draws
  • In-game points
  • Virtual badges
  • Discounts

Earned Rewards are more Valuable


70% of Consumers looking for marketing rewards that are not discounts
Source: 3radical survey

Traditional marketing promotions can bombard everyone with steep discounts and freebies. Marketers who rely solely on discounts are in effect training consumers to expect them always.

Instead, develop challenges and rewards that reinforce your brand values and make any discount feel more valuable.

Switch the focus from just saving money to aspirational, “feel good” incentives. By appealing to consumers’ positive emotions, you are developing an emotional attachment to your brand.

Research studies have repeatedly shown that people place a far higher value on rewards that had to be earned.

Give consumers a relevant challenge, not only will they value the reward more, but you will be tying the positive feeling of winning to your brand.



Working with Zizzi, we developed an online scratchcard campaign to bring new customers into their Italian restaurants.

By playing the game, consumers

  • Provide email addresses
  • Raise money to fight cancer
  • Can win a rugby training session, or a trip to New York
  • Are delighted with instant rewards


The challenge and the rewards enhance the brand, while bringing in customers and building an email list.

People Enjoy Fun


58% of consumers want brands to be fun and playful
Source: DailyTekk

Brands that are always serious can appear stuffy, pompous, old-fashioned and tedious. Most brands want to include an element of humour, but they are wary – jokes that work well with one audience can fail miserably in another context.

Be creative, when you are asking consumers to do something, sprinkle a little fun in the mix. People are more engaged and receptive when doing something they enjoy. No-one enjoys wading through pages of text and completing lengthy forms.

Elements from games such as a lucky dip can add suspense, excitement, and surprise. By triggering small emotional responses, the consumer subconsciously begins to engage with your brand.


For Singapore’s Parkway Parade mall, we implemented one of our library of relevant mobile games that entertained children in the mall and encouraged them to explore every corner of the mall with their parents.

The game was heavily branded and thanks to social sharing increased awareness, reaching over 20% of the Singapore population and dramatically increasing revenue across the mall.

Mobile games are popular across all ages around the world.

49% of time on mobiles is spent playing games
Source: Gartner

We Learn by Doing


Some people process information best by reading, some by listening, and some by watching. But the most effective way to learn something new is to start doing it.

When you switch into an active mode, you start paying more attention and bring more senses into play. This makes you more receptive and more likely to remember the experience.

Develop campaigns that drive consumers to physically touch and interact with the product.


Dell wanted people to come and try out their latest range of innovative laptops at resellers, during the football World Cup.

Together we developed a hybrid campaign. Customers played a mobile football game with prizes, signing in via Facebook. To advance through the game they had to visit Dell resellers and share pictures of themselves with Dell’s new laptops.

Dell gained

  • permission to market directly to thousands of consumers
  • half a million impressions of the new laptops shared by players
  • thousands of people experiencing the new laptops for themselves

How Does it Work?


We built Voco as software for marketers to build and control data-driven marketing campaigns that can be interactive, personalized, and engaging.

We believe that marketers should be always be able to adjust campaigns. So you can refine the campaign based on what is working well and what isn’t without needing IT help.

We recommend doing the first project together, as we have extensive experience and best practices from years of building challenge and reward concepts into marketing programmes. This way

Where Do I Start?

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