Friends Believe Friends


Your customers can be the most powerful marketing force. They are both trustworthy and influential.

92% of consumers trust word-of-mouth or recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of marketing
Source: Nielsen

Having customers stand up and recommend your products and services can dramatically increase sales.

Marketing-induced consumer-to-consumer word-of-mouth generates more than twice the sales of paid advertising
Source: McKinsey

A 12% increase in brand advocacy, doubles revenue growth
Source: Reichheld

Engaging your customers in an advocacy programme, nurturing them as passionate evangelists:

Challenge then Reward

To get happy customers really engaged in your advocacy program, we can learn from how games “hook” people and spread virally.

  • Include a fun element that becomes even more fun when friends join in.
  • Challenge people to complete a task and reward them on completion.
  • Establish a balance, a 2-way value exchange where the brand delivers relevant messages and consumers enjoy a positive experience.


For instance, you could:

Challenge Customers to

  • Provide feedback
  • Create reviews
  • Share photographs of their favourite product, store, or experience with your brand
  • Participate with friends

Incentivize Customers with

  • Rewards for friends
  • Enhanced experience
  • Status e.g. virtual badges, membership of clubs
  • Future discounts
  • Raising money for charity

Sharing User Content


There are many ways the customers can spread the word

When customers create content, when they talk about your brand in their own words they bring authenticity. They can surprise you by sharing new benefits for your brands and inventing new ways to use them.

Find ways to make it easy and fun for customers to share their positive experiences of your brand.


Using 3radical Voco we delivered an award-winning campaign with Dell to establish a vibrant community of consumers who wanted to engage with Dell on a frequent basis.

The community were encouraged to share Dell’s content and user-generated content with their friends. By sharing photographs of themselves with Dell computers to their Facebook friends they earned extra in-game features.

In a few weeks, half a million impressions were delivered by consumers sharing news about Dell’s new products.

We cut through the marketing noise and generated a two-way relationship with key consumers using the 3radical mobile gamification platform
Daniel Chia, Marketing Communications Manager, Dell Singapore


Encourage Positively


Selecting the right rewards can be crucial for the campaign. Ideally, rewards should directly support your brand messages.

These can be

Giving consumers a choice of different incentives encourages them and helps you build a better profile for future campaigns.

Brand advocates recommend because of good experiences (50%) and a desire to help others (37%), vs. an incentive to receive freebies (1%)
source: Zuberance


Zizzi took the opportunity to build their support for Cancer Research into a mobile gamification campaign.

Customers were encouraged to share their experiences. By including donations for Cancer Research it encouraged a feel-good factor and truly did good.

Signing-in through Facebook made it very easy for them to encourage their friends to join in. And knowing it was for a good cause made the experience more positive for the brand and customers.


Joining In With Friends


An effective way to differentiate your marketing and make it more engaging is to include fun.

When you include fun components, it becomes natural to encourage customers to invite their friends to play along – either as a part of your team or as someone to challenge.

Not only does sharing spread the reach of your campaign but it makes it more engaging for the original customer – encouraging them to keep coming back.


The Parkway Parade mall wanted to include a social element to their marketing.

To encourage shoppers to bring their friends to the mall, we re-branded one of our games as a mobile app for Parkway Parade with a social emphasis

  • Social shares helped shoppers progress in the game
  • They were invited to play a treasure hunt together in the mall

More than 20% of the Singapore population was reached with social shares from consumers through the App


How Does it Work?

Voco software allows marketers to build and control data-driven marketing campaigns that can be interactive, personalized, and engaging.

Marketers need to refine their campaign based on results, being able to quickly make changes without having to wait for IT.

For the best results, we recommend working on the first project together. By combining Voco software, our extensive experience building “challenge and reward” marketing programmes, and your knowledge of the market:

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