Benefits for Brands

The 3radical solution is a completely new way for brands to engage.   It gives them :

  • The ability to reach a massive and wealthy audience of smartphone users.
  • A new and innovative way to engage with that audience.
  • A channel to drive highly relevant communications.
  • The opportunity to give virtual rewards and competition entries in return for behaviour which are far cheaper than traditional discounts or offers.
  • A reason for consumers to visit specific locations – to play social games – and the opportunity to run events.
  • A mechanism to improve their loyalty scheme for existing users.
  • A way to attract new users to join their loyalty scheme.
  • For brands who do not have an existing direct connection with their consumers, such as FMCG/CPG companies, this gives them an understanding of their end consumer and ability to communicate directly with them.


The solution is incredibly easy to roll out with no installation required and a ‘pay by results’ model.

At its core, 3radical gives marketers a way to engage with consumers where they are and deliver real and virtual value in return for specific behaviour.